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What Are The Benefits Of Using Laminates Over Under Floor Heating Systems?

The laminate that you might be tempted to use over an underfloor heating system has to be able to stand the heat that is generated by the heating system and still retain the beauty that you bought it for.

Quality Underfloor Heating Laminates Need To Do The Job

Some cheaper brands of flooring laminates may not be suitable as floor covering for underfloor heating. However with there is a wide range of modern laminates that are made to a far better standard, so the search is getting less and less troublesome.

Since good quality laminate flooring is becoming more popular all the time, a brief discussion of what it is should be appropriate.

As you might know the term laminate means to bond two or more layers together. This is done to reinforce a very nice looking layer with another layer or two to make it stronger or to enable it to withstand the weather or other environmental conditions better.

Something what needs to be understood is that a laminate, while having more than one layer, should have the particular layers aligned the right way. The strength of the laminate is dependent on the layers being perpendicular to each other. This not only helps in that regard but also in the way that it treats the heating and cooling of the flooring. This action tends to expand and contract the material, so it needs to do that in a way that is managed so it will not warp.

This also makes laminates the perfect material for flooring, since it is more economical than hardwoods. It definitely has an advantage over a more substantial piece of wood, environmentally.

The many surfaces that are available while still keeping an eye on your pocketbook will make anyone pleasantly surprised. The most popular finishes are the old standbys such as Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple and Pine. The darker ones are the choice for a traditional classic or a rustic look, the lighter hues are often more for the modern looks.

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How To Select The Right Underfloor Heating Laminate

As far as choosing which the right type of laminate to use over your underfloor heating system, you need to have a conversation with the company's representative.

Questions To Ask About Underfloor Heating Laminates

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Some of the question to ask would be:

  • What is the wear rating? In other words, what type of traffic will this particular flooring stand up to?
  • Your flooring needs to be scratch-resistant and it has to have the fire rating that is appropriate for your city/county/state regulations.
  • Is the laminate quality suitable for underfloor heating?
  • Also, check into the manufacturer's warranty.

There are also several different types of install profile systems. Ask them to show you the differences, especially if you are going to be installing it yourself. There are the clic to clic, the twin clic and the top clic. These all have advantages and disadvantages. The type of install system will help you install these particular brands easier, depending on the type of laminate and the area that is to be covered.

Lastly the most important piece of information you need to have is the understanding that you will need an under-layment between the heating system and the laminate itself. Read through this web site to learn more about underfloor heating laminate and talk to suppliers about the proper installation of a laminate floor and whether the brand you choose is suitable for use in association with underfloor heating.